Celebrating Black Inventors

March 02, 2016

People in Science Technology Engineering and Math work hard every day in order to make our lives better. Many minorities and other black people have dedicated their work in hopes to make all of our lives easier. Jan Earnest Matzeliger created a machine that kept made shoes faster. Elijah McCoy invented a machine that would help run steam engines run smoother. Neil deGrasse Tyson is an astrophysicist spokesperson. Below are just a few suggested about black inventors.

1. A Kid’s Guide to African American History: More Than 70 Activities by Nancy Sanders
A comprehensive guide that includes many activities showing how African Americans have contributed to science and technology. This book provides inventions that were useful in Africa where Blacks originated from and then it chronicles to when the Civil Rights Movement.
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2. Understanding Diagrams by Christine Taylor Butler
Scientists create diagrams, charts,, photographs and more to solve problems. Read “Understanding Diagrams” to learn how scientists read tables, charts, graphic organizers, and charts.
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3. Shoes Got Soles by Doris J. Sims
In the past it took hours and hours for one shoe to be made. With Jan Earnest Matzeliger invention, shoes were made at a faster rate so that people could own more shoes.
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4. Stop and Go Garret Morgan by Doris J. Sims
Who made the stoplight? Garret Morgan was the first Black man to patent his stoplight invention in the United States. He was frustrated from seeing people getting hurt while they were driving.
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5. Vision of Beauty: The Story of Story Breedlove Walker
A story about Madame C.J. Walker that chronicles her life from her youth until when she was able to create her beauty empire.
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6. Black Pioneers of Science and innovation by Louis Haber
An in-depth look at fourteen Black trailblazers who made large impacts on the society that we live in today.
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7. The Real McCoy: The life of an African-American inventor by Wendy Towle
Elijah Mccoy patented over fifty of his inventions. His parents believed in a quality education, and when he was just 16 years old he started college to learn how to become an engineer.
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8. Five brilliant scientists (Feb 2000) by Jones, Lynda
An easy reader that highlights the life of Susan McKinney Steward, George Washington Carver, Ernest Everett Just, Percy Lavon Julian, and Shirley Ann Jackson.
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Dear Benjamin Banneker by Andrea Davis Pinkney
Benjamin Banneker was troubled about how Blacks were treated in his day. However he educated himself to position himself in order to talk to government officials and other scientists of how capable all man are.
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10. Inspiring African-American inventors: Nine extraordinary Lives by Jeff Young
A book for teens that describes 9 great trailblazers who changed our lives.


11. Neil deGrasse Tyson by Norman Graubart
Neil deGrasse Tyson is a modern-day astrophysicist. His dedication to science unlocks numerous mysteries about the unknown universe. Learn about his life as an educator, commentator, author, and a pioneer.
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12. George Washington Carver by Dana Meachen Rau
George Washington Carver loved science and nature.  He discovered the power that was in peanuts and made hundreds of products from peanuts. He was a true trailblazer for his time where he not only challenged his thinking but also the institution of race.
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13. What Color is My World? by Kareen Abdul Jabar
Do you know who created the Super Soaker or potato chips? Most of the stories about these great inventors have been well overlooked. This story highlights the problems and achievements that the inventors faced along the way. All in all the author makes sure that their story is heard.
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