Congratulations Reading Contest Winners

May 10, 2017

Reading Contest Winter 2017

Our first reading Contest was open to children in grades 2nd-6th grade to read Tiny Stitches.

  • 95 students read or listened to Tiny Stitches
  • 5 classrooms participated
  • 3 Incredible Readers were chosen and won an autographed book from Gwendolyn Hooks.
  • All video participants receive a Dream Outside of the Box Kit.

Gwendolyn Hooks and Marquis Queen are very passionate about children’s education, and they judged the video content.

Here are some of their comments:

I thought it was amazing. I loved how she used her art to help tell her story. Great job!

You had great details and reasoning for becoming a doctor.

You are very articulate and gave details about Dr. Blalock’s techniques.

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