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August 23, 2016

The Kansas City Comic Con featured a multitude of illustrators, actors, and artists where they showcased their costumes, discussed on panels, and shared their creations. Pennez visited the Kansas City Comic Con to discover writers and illustrators who created diverse characters. Pennez had the chance to speak with Amy Chu who is a comic book writer. Leeanne Kreic is a comic artist. Josh Howell is a graphic novel writer. Rachel Ellyn is a self-published children’s and adult writer. Edwin Tailferro illustrates and publishes comics with Blue Line comics. Kristin Mctiernan wrote a novel called Sunder that narrates the answers to her questions, “What if the Spanish and Mexicans would have not been conquered by the English?”

Additionally, there were a few more artists that Pennez did not have a chance to speak with.
Arie Monroe, Valentine De Landro, Fred Williamson, C. Michael Wallace, Lorenzo Lizana, Anthony Oropeza, JB Roe, Damont Jordan,Gerome Berry and more. The search will continue to discover more artists from diverse backgrounds, and  if you are an artist who would like to be featured on Pennez, please contact us.

Amy Chu is a comic book writer who wrote Poison Ivy, Sensation Wonder Woman, and many more. For Amy, “I started writing because I really loved it and I wanted to get better at writing.” She wrote one story, Vertigo, which featured Detroit in the future. The idea was to develop a new world about Detroit in the gist of Urban Renewal. “As a woman of color in comics there are so many things that you can do. But I am going to write people of color into my comics and I have a lot of control that I can create universes that are more reflective of the world around me.” @amychu

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Leeanne Krecic is a comic book artist. She is writing a digital comic book series called “Let’s Play.” It is about a young independent game developer who ends up having her reputation ruined after a celebrity gamer rates it. Leeanne included a variety of characters for the following chapters. The uniqueness about “Let’s Play” is that it features a lead-female game developer. She wanted a lead female gamer because women are not fully represented in game development. So this is why Leanne wanted to create this story. Leanne created this comic because “Women in programming in video gaming is growing. Yet still there are so few comics that represent female gamers.  So I created “Let’s Play” so I could fill this big void.”

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Josh Howell is writer, who wrote his first comic. It’s a modern sci-fi thriller about a female FBI agent who lost her partner. The deeper she digs to discover the truth, the harder that things get. For Josh, “It is the X Files without the aliens.” He created a unique backstory about the main character, and he chose a female protagonist.  @averyaces916

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Rachel Ellyn grew up in a household of story tellers. She always carries a story within her mind and after ten years she decided to share her story, “A Packed Pig to Piccadilly.” She hired an artist from Europe who illustrates in 3D. She wrote about “Hamlet” the pig, who was the main character. Hamlet lived in the states and had a best friend. “One day he got mad, huffed off, and flew to London. There he learned how to be a good friend,” said Rachel. One day he met up with a doll where he learned that you can fight and still make up.” The uniqueness about the illustrations is that the illustrator incorporated Instagram-like photos. Ellyn writes to tell readers that “Life is a big adventure which is what I want kids to know.” @disfunctionaldi

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Edwin Tailferro publishes comics with Blue Line Comics . With Blue Line Comics, “I get local artists together. We have people to share music and art here.” Additionally as an organization they create comics, video games, and art for youth in the Midwest. He spends his time collaborating with many artists as well as visiting comic cons throughout the year.

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Kristin McTiernan is interested in history and time travel. She wrote the novel, Sunder, where Isabella is a well-kept, privileged, and Mexican young woman.  For the idea of Sunder, Kristin wondered, “Why not have someone from the future travel back in time? Why not have someone living in Mexico travel back in time to England?” Kristin wrote this story in order to answer these questions about our history. For example Latin-American people is a growing population in America. Yet according to Kristin, “Latin-American people have always been here. The main difference is that the border has shifted.” So in “Sunder,” Isabella is thrown into the past and has to deal with being undermined due to her darker skin, being illiterate in the English language, and being taller. She must discover a way to get back to her time period.


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