Publishing Words You Need to Know

May 23, 2016

Publishing a book can really mean a lot to you as an author. However publishing is a world in itself, and creators should know how to navigate through this world. If you have ever thought about publishing a book, you should know what word mean in order to speak with agents, publishers, and editors.

Christine Taylor-Butler, provided a concise list of words that will help you on your publishing journey. She has many years of experience and has written over 75 books for children and teens.

What is an advance? – the money you receive upon signing a contract and or completing revisions that is an advance payment on their estimate of royalties the book will earn. If the book does not sell well, you do not have to pay the publisher back. If the book sells better than expected, any royalties earned in excess of your advance will be sent to you every six months.

What are royalties? – a percentage of the revenue earned by your book. Sometimes stated as percent of retail or percent of wholesale.

What is a boilerplate contract? – this is a standard, unedited one-size-fits all contract offered to new writers. Often favors the publisher more than the author.

What is a kill fee? – This is a fee paid to you if, through no fault of your own, the publisher cancels the contract. Normally 50% of the agreed advance.

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