• Read To Think

  • Read 2 Think Application

    Read2Think is a web application that helps children overcome their reading problems.
    • We EMPOWER teachers to take a deeper look into their student’s reading level.
    • We EMPOWER students to become independent readers
    • Personalized

      The application will recommend books based upon how the child read.

    • Accent Detection

      The application will recognize children with diverse dialects.

    • Reduce Time

      The application will reduce the assessment process in ½ the time

    • Adaptive

      The application grows with the child’s abilities.

    • Virtual Reading Assistant

      The application will recognize user errors and progress

    • Data Drive

      The application will deliver short-term and long term data for the user.

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  • Questions and Answers
    What Stage of Development Are You In?

    We are developing and testing the Read2Think Application. In August 2016 we will allow children in grades 1-8 grade test out the application for 3 weeks. We are currently looking for more children and educators to test out the application. Please fill out the form if you are interested in becoming a beta tester. http://pennez.com/contact-us-i/

    What Devices Can I Use?

    You will need High Speed Internet, an IOS device or a computer. Our application will available on Android devices in the future.

    Who Can Use the Read2Think application?

    Children who are in grades 1-8.

    What Will the Child Do?

    The child will read stories into their tablet or computer.