January 13, 2017

Pennez and Gwendolyn Hooks are hosting a reading contest for children in grades 2nd through 6th grade.

What Can Winners Earn?
Winners can receive an autographed book, a virtual visit with Gwendolyn Hooks, and a Dream Big Learning Kit that gives the learner hands-on tools to learn about neurology, surgery, and more.

What is the Benefit? This Dream Big Learning Kit provides experiments for hours of fun. Additionally, reading Tiny Stitches gives the reader a historical narrative about a miraculous surgeon-Vivien Thomas.

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What Content Goes Into the Video?
1. Share 1 idea about Tiny Stitches-a new fact, what you liked, surprises, or etc.
2. Tell what makes you interested about doctors OR if you dream of becoming a doctor.
3. You have the option of not disclosing the child’s face, think creatively on how they can talk about their experience if their faces are not showing.
4. Do not include the child reading the book in the video, but he or she can hold the book while discussing their ideas.


Which states must I reside in?

Children must reside in Missouri, Kansas, or Oklahoma.

Where Do I Find Your Social Media Pages?
You can find Pennez and Gwendolyn Hooks on Twitter and Facebook.   You are not obligated to tag each channel. But you must tag at least one social media channel.

Twitter @pennez1 AND @gwenthegreat

Facebook @pennez

Who Can Upload Content?

Caregivers, Librarians, or Teachers must approve their child’s participation and the adult must like our Facebook or Twitter page. The adult can record the child. The child must be in the video alone or with other friends of the same age. Please do not share any personal information online. 

How Are Winners Chosen?

  1. The reader must “Tiny Stitches” from beginning to end.
  2. Judges will choose the winners based on the information in the video, how much social media engagement the video gains, and criteria from a rubric.

Where Can I Find or Buy the Book?

Tiny Stitches can be found at your local library. If you cannot wait that long, you purchase Tiny Stitches.

Learn more about Vivien Thomas by visiting Gwendolyn’s website at:

Engage with Gwendolyn on Twitter at @gwenthegreat.

You can also read an interview about Gwendolyn here


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