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September 28, 2016

On Wednesday, September 21, 2016 Pennez sponsored a storytelling event with The Music and More Foundation, Project United Knowledge, and The Taisna Group to discover diverse storytellers. There were 7 different wordsmiths from all walks of life ranging from storytelling, poetry, singing/songwriting, comedy, and entrepreneurship. These artists told stories about encouragement, racial justice, love, and so much more. At times there were tears of sadness, and other times many laughed. Many stories provided hope and inspiration, and others caused the audience to think. These artists came from all walks of life who wanted to share important ideas that were on their hearts.

The purpose of this event was for the Pennez team to discover key wordsmiths and connect them to the librarians and educators. We seek to connect these artists so they can visit schools and libraries so children will see the power of literacy and become more likely to read. Increasing children’s reading level is the core mission of Pennez, and we know that we must use our community to reduce the achievement gap. We thank all supporters, and below are comments from a few artists.

“As each artist shared their story and talents a unique bonding experience was created throughout the room that birthed inspiration in everyone present children and adults.” – Clarence Lomax III (The C in Comedy) @C_Leone


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“Performing in True Stories was a delightful experience! It left me very certain in my belief that story-telling infuses power and magic to all within hearing range. I appreciate how well-organized and well-executed the evening was and I look forward to future events.”    http//:anetfullofhope.com/

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“This event was a wonderful celebration of personal narratives. The event featured various forms of media, which helped convey the idea that storytelling has a lot more depth to it than people commonly grant it. The night spanned the entirety of the emotional spectrum with hard hitting social commentary, hilarious nostalgia, and everything in between. The stories, voices, and perspectives all spoke with one another and each performer was given a chance to shine in their unique moment while also being a part of a collective experience. The power and potential of narrative was in full display as the performers all demonstrated the tangible effects of supporting diverse literature.”   http://iamsubersive.com

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“I believe storytelling is a great way of creating more empathy and understanding of each other and all we have in common as humans. Our Stories are our heart songs. I am very pleased to have been a part of this wonderful event, and I sincerely hope more of this kind of gathering will become more frequent in Kansas City and communities across this nation. ” Mother- Mary Moore

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“I thoroughly enjoyed being asked to participate in this event. I’ve never been part of a more inclusive and diverse group of speakers. Each voice spoke to a different aspect of our diverse community. The world needs more of this.”-Chico Sierra
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“The story telling event was awesome. I was entirely inspired by the culture and presentation. The diversity of the crowd and my curiosity for their stories lingered through out the event!” –LoveMaec
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Arie from DrawLikeCrazy studios sketched each artist to portray their images in a moment in time. Each artist loved their sketches. Based on audience feedback we will continue to celebrate more artists in 2017. If you have an interest in performing at our next event please contact us.


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