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We want to help young people to become better readers and thinkers. Our platform connects you with resources about literacy and features wordsmiths of color.

Our goal is to not only change the narrative of recognizing diversity within reading. We also hope to bring an equal playing field for Black and Brown youth within our education system..

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Talented wordsmiths will work with 6-10 students online to discuss: Vocabulary, Reading A Book, Practicing Real-World Skills, and a simple assessment. Children ages 7-16 are invited to participate. We will have rich discussion and will have examples from talented artists.  

This is meant for One-on-One unit of study to assist a child with: Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Phonics, Phonemic Awareness or Fluency. We understand that children need more practice and one-on-one sessions will be conducted virtually twice a week. 

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