about us

Pennez’s vision is to restore the reading outcomes for learners so that youth can read to think. With Pennez’s products and services, we hope to close the illiteracy gap with our software, after school & summer programming, and storytelling events.

Pennez exists because 65% of youth in our elementary and middle schools read at least 1 or 2 grade levels behind, and 10% of the books that these readers read are written by and about people of color.


Artists who are skilled on working with youth share oral stories that support speaking and listening skills. Storytelling is not just for young readers. Storytelling is telling oral stories that are fiction, mysterious, historical, realistic, and many more. Storytelling has the power to change minds, hearts, and to build understanding.

literacy instruction

Trained facilitators who love literacy will provide instruction one-on-one or in group sessions to address your child’s literacy needs. By learning about your child’s needs we create custom lessons, questions, and activities to support your child’s reading skills.

Literacy instruction can be provided in person or virtually to Kindergarten-Eighth grade readers.

our founder

Rebecca Dove, CEO

As a former elementary educator and professor, I started Pennez to address illiteracy and lack of stories written by and about people of color. K-12 readers need more accessibility to more resources so that they will be more engaged to read. Every time I review this stat, 65% of youth are at least 1 or 2 grade levels behind in 3rd grade reading, and 10% of our stories are written by and about people of color, I knew that we could do something. I know that as a community & nation we have to do better. Our web application is under construction. However, to ensure that we are connecting with youth, educators, and families, we provide a host of services to address your child’s literacy needs.


Our web application is an online reading assessment tool. It has launched. Click the button below to Learn More.


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