Arie Monroe As an Illustrator and Entreprenuer

By Marwa Raja

Do you appreciate the creative mind of an artist? Do you yearn for artistic passion? If your answers are yes- Arie Monroe is the woman you want to know. Monroe has dedicated her life to the life of an artist. It started with the simple passion for illustration as a young adolescent. Illustrating was her escape, it was her go-to space; a place you couldn’t physically enter. A space to mentally unwind and create a world of her own. Like many artists, Monroe believes in working for a purpose. Her purpose is happiness.

Arie Monroe is our very own Kansas City, Missouri, native artist. She received a BA in Studio Art from the University of Missouri Kansas City, giving her a strong foundation in fine arts and computer illustration. Then later attended a school in New Jersey at the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon Graphics, where she studied Character Animation and Comic Book Illustration. Monroe specifically gravitated towards caricature artistry. As an experienced character designer and illustrator, she has worked in the comics and animation industry for companies such as, Warner Brothers, Dreamworks, Crayola, and has had her work published in several books including African American Classics, Black Comix, and Return of Black Comix 2017.

As an African American woman, Monroe is able to break down walls in a male-dominated field. Her unique illustrations reflect a richness of culture and diversity.

If you are looking for a broader perspective to pique your interest, Arie Monroe is the artist you want to know.  In 2015, after many years of working for other companies, Monroe decided to take her work to the next level and officially started Drawlikecrazy Studios LLC.  This began her journey as a small business owner working with private clients to provide caricature entertainment and custom Illustration for books. She believes in working hard and providing the finest quality artwork for her clients and working closely with individuals to take care of their artistic needs.

If you would like to know more about Arie, take a listen to the recent podcast with illustrator herself.

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