Ben Lee, Comic Book Artist

By Marwa Raja

This month’s podcast features the founder of a comic publishing company called Big Head Productions, Ben Lee. Ben solely runs Big Head Productions as it was his calling to action.

Calling it quits to his daytime job that didn’t exceed his expectations of content and happiness, Ben searched for an opportunity to work with passion. Breaking into the comic industry is almost impossible on your own, but with the motivational influence comics had on Ben, he chose to chase the dream. Ben is currently the illustrator, author, and publisher for Big Head Productions-or as I like to call it, a triple threat. His love for comics and illustration has provided him the ability to constantly put in the creative work he delivers. The most fitting way to describe Ben would just be “big” because his passion is immense, enough to motivate a room of people to chase their Dreams-I should know, I interviewed him, and his voice is loud with engagement because he knows exactly what he wants and he’s in the middle of making it happen.

It is safe to say Ben Lee offers comical stories intended for mature audiences unlike any other.

His work ethic consists of staying true to himself and providing human stories we can al appreciate. His most recent series “Lost In The Middle” is the story of Aaron Lee; your average Asian-American who is faced with a troubling response to racism. Throughout the series, Aaron is faced with confronting his own inner demons in order to grow and heal in a comical sense.

Each story is covered beautifully with illustrations that will keep your eyes peeled to every page. It is refreshing to read a comic that doesn’t rely on a hook or gimmick because let’s be honest–most engaging stories follow along a path that usually comes at the cost of the story. Ben Lee has created a diversifying opportunity in the comic industry because there just isn’t enough of it. His venture of creating a publishing company was done to provide a platform for other aspiring professionals to get their work out for the world to see. Take the time to read his latest comic, “Lost In The Middle,” and I promise you’ll enjoy each minute of it. To learn more about Ben Lee and his venture, follow the podcast provided.

*Contains Adult Content*

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