Mother Moses and Generational Family Stories

By Marwa Raja

There are various ways to describe Mother Mary Moses, allow me to jot it down to three- soulful, committed, and heartfelt. As a young woman, Mother Mary Moses went by the name of Mary Moore as a committed blues singer. Her journey as a singer her to a life of activism and as a spoken word artist. The Blues ran in her blood from the very beginning and she has used her talented vocals till this very day.

From living as a blues singer, to being a mother and devoting herself to activism; Mother Mary Moses has lived a full life. A life through which she has learned the hardest of lessons and gained full experiences.  Mother Mary Moses wrote, produced, and starred in her first one-woman musical play in 2000, entitled “Lest We Forget”, a short tour in Kentucky, and presentation in Bermuda. She was one of eleven African Americans to participate in the historical “Middle Passage Monument Project” event, lowering a monument in the world’s largest unmarked grave site in the Atlantic Ocean. In 2000 she participated in another historical event in Harlem, welcoming The Amistad to the Hudson in Harlem, both historical event’s recorded by news agencies from around the world.

Another original piece by Mother Mary Moses is “Meet me at the TABLE” which was first presented in New Haven, Ct and in Kansas City; which charted new ground to lead the charge to rescue and save America’s urban youth. Currently, Mother Mary Moses is releasing the follow-up piece entitled “Back to the Table”- a masterpiece encouraging society to bring back the importance of family dynamics. If you are looking for a chance of enlightenment and the opportunity to be inspired, Mother Mary Moses is the woman for you. To learn more about Mother Mary Moses and her recent work please listen to the podcast shared.

Mother Moses is a jazz artist, storyteller, activist, and spoken word artist who tells stories to the community. If you would like to invite her to your community gathering or event, please contact us.

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