“New Kid” by Jerry Craft is a graphic novel that shares the drama and experiences of Seventh Grader Jordan Banks. Banks lives in a New York neighborhood. He lives amongst Black youth and enjoys his time with them. When it is time to get back to school, his parents surprise him into enrolling into a private school. This school is in a different neighborhood, and Jordan is even escorted by a wealthy classmate in their limo. As a Black teen, Banks had to adjust to the expectations of his school where his school had predominantly white students. 

He experienced bias, discrimination, and prejudice amongst his peers and teachers. Right away, he just did not fit in with students nor classmates. His teacher said that saying the word “Dawg” is not nice and that he is a human being. Whenever he challenged his teacher, she never saw his side. 

What Jordan realized was that this school required him to play in his first organized school sport. This experience gave him a new experience and insight about his school culture. Over time his attitudes remain the same and some change. This graphic novel visually shares the joys and constraints that this teen lives of living in two different worlds. 

1. New Kid, by Jerry Craft

Below are additional books where teens have to manage transitions, friendships, and self-discovery. 

2. blended, by Sharon M. Draper


3. Twins, by Varian Johnson
A Graphic Novel

4. The Usual Suspects, by Maurice Broaddus

5. Public School Superhero by James Patterson and Chris Tebbetts
A Graphic Novel

6. Genesis Begins Again, Alicia D. Williams

7. Ghetto Cowboy, by G_Neri
Illustrated by Jesse Joshua Watson

8. For Black Girls Like Me, by Mariama J. Lockington

9. Middle School, The WORST Years of My Life,
by James Patterson and Chris Tebbetts
A Graphic Novel

10. The Long Ride by Marina Budhos