Professional Development

Wanting to inspire your staff on a variety of topics about education technology, new or tried and true literacy practice, literacy implementation, or any host of other topics.  Professional Development can be catered to your educators, so we can have a more detailed virtual call once

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Course Description

Providing resources about education technology, digital assessment reading & literacy with remote learning, and implementing culture into your curriculum. Our workshops are a minimum of 90 minutes. Then we can include time to review and support educators in small groups or review their teaching. Prior to workshops, we would like to conduct a needs assessment to better understand the challenges and gaps. This professional development is fit for one-on-one, small group, and a whole group of educators.

Course Duration

1 hour weekly, for 12 weeks.

Course Cost

$35-$45/2 hour session, $100/month



Instructor’s Schedule

This is the instructor’s schedule