Virtual Programs

Skilled educators or wordsmiths will provide classes for K-10 Readers.

A wordsmith is: an author, writer, storyteller, poet, musician, or an individual who loves working with words.

Our Classes

Program Schedule

Storytelling & Critical Thinking

Mr. Lomax will teach your children how to read, use their thinking skills, and apply their knowledge on making a movie. Mr. Lomax is a comedian and storytelling, and he will bring knowledge and laughter to this class.

For 4th-10th Grade Readers

Tuesdays 6pm-7:30pm
With Clarence Lomax

S.T.E.A.M & Vocabulary

Vocabulary is such an important part of our day. To keep your minds going we will learn vocabulary through movement or American Sign Language. Plus we will read S.T.E.A.M books to develop your science thinking.

For 1st-6th Grade Readers

Thursdays or Saturdays 6pm-7:30pm
With Ms. Lynn

Tutoring One-on-One

If you are seeking reading support, our Pennez team will ask questions to learn about your needs and then meet and discuss ways we can assist.

For K-10th Grade Readers


Careers & Entreprenurship

Providing real-world conversations and real-world information we will read, discuss, and simulate different roles to prepare your reader for their future. We will read many articles, disect them, and then create a project to build on their learning.

For 7th-10th Grade Readers

Wednesdays or Fridays 6pm-8pm
With Ms. Lynn


What is the cost of each session?

Each session costs $15-$25 per hour. We are willing to work with families who are on a tight budget.

How many youth can take one session?

We prefer small groups so allow 10-12 youth per session.

How often do you meet?

Once or twice a week virtually.

How do you measure success?

We have a short pre-assessment at the beginning. Next we take observational notes, review the reader’s work, and at the end he or she can take our oral reading assessment online. 

We also review the emotional satisfaction of the child and family.