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This can be done virtually with a contractor on behalf of Pennez. You must contact us where a (parent or guardian) will complete a general online form about your needs. Next we will conduct a virtual call to discuss your needs and what we can do for you. We specialize in literacy tutoring: Reading, Phonics, Fluency, Word Recognition, Listening/Speaking, Writing for reading support. We will provide a personalized experience with a real individual and perform an assessment before we begin. All data and other anecdotal information will be shared with the parent who selects our service.


Rates $35-$45/2 hour session, $100/month

Literacy Programming

Our team will pair students in small groups by ability, youth will read and have rich discussions. Afterwards, each day youth will participate in a choice-based STEM activity that reinforces the book. Focus on: Vocabulary, Fluency, Comprehension, & STEM. Traditionally our programs have been in person. However, we can conduct virtual literacy programming.

“The STEM Reading Camp by Pennez was engaging and fun. Each day my child came home sharing new words and skills she learned from the camp. I still remember the joy and excitement my daughter expressed over block coding.“

Professional Development

Wanting to inspire your staff on a variety of topics about education technology, new or tried and true literacy practice, literacy implementation, or any host of other topics. Dove has provided training to educators in the U.S. and abroad. During her time abroad she provided workshops with elementary and high school educators on identifying the needs within their school on implementing literacy instruction. Professional Development can be catered to your educators, so we can have a more detailed virtual call once 

 “This session was very informative. I plan to use the methods of literacy that was delivered.”