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Each program uses text for critical thinking, different levels of questions, requires giving evidence, and real-world and hands on experiences.

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Evaluating a Reader’s Reading Data with Read2Think

If a reader opts into our programming, he or she can use Read2Think for free. Read2Think saves teachers and parents time on trying to figure out how their children read. We use data to help you understand your reader’s oral reading. We provide inclusive assessments to measure their interest level. Sign up for a trial without opting into our programs as well.

Pennez is a place for parents, educators, and executive directors to discover resources on helping children to read. We exist to reduce the illiteracy gap and provide programs and services that are inclusive to a child’s literacy experience. Our platform connects you with resources about literacy and features wordsmiths of color. Our goal is to not only change the narrative of recognizing diversity within reading. We also hope to bring an equal playing field for Black and Brown youth within our education system.

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Richard Blanco Inclusion and One Today

Richard Blanco Inclusion and One Today

    Connectedness, inclusion, and community are themes that one will find when reading the picture book narrative poem, One Today. In One Today, Richard Blanco shows a literary celebration of how we are all connected no matter if someone is a teacher, a...

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Edwidge Danticat About Immigration

Edwidge Danticat About Immigration

Danticat wrote a modern-day story about a family separated by immigration. Mama’s Nightingale is set in the United States where her mother doesn’t have her citizenship papers. Saya longed for her mother to return home. She cried when she saw her mother at the prison...

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M.Evelina Galang Silenced Stories

  In Angel De La Luna Evelina Galang weaves a narrative of an untold story about a 14 year old Filipino girl. Galang wrote this story because “I want them to see that for Angel, she is finding her voice and learning that her voice matters.  We don’t have to stay...

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