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Strategies to Improve Reading Fluency

Written by Rebecca

November 1, 2018

Strategies to Improve Reading Fluency Having a reader who is struggling can take time and has ups and downs. Have you heard, “Th, theee, ddooor is re real?” “Today Reggie decid to have a fun day. They plae with evvveryy.” If this sounds familiar where your child stutters or mispronounces a word is considered fall under the umbrella of fluency.

The example above would refer to the accuracy of words where the reader could not pronounce vowel sounds and certain ending sounds. Being attuned to your child’s reading needs can make a tremendous effort on how to recognize strategies and books that meet his or her needs. When attempting to help a reader, fluency is a skill that encompasses how fast a student reads, how accurate he or she can say a word out loud, and even expression.

From ILA, Reading Fluently Does Not Mean Reading Fast  “Reading fluency is necessary for comprehension and motivated reading, having been described as a bridge between early and later reading phases. “

“Once that doorway has been opened, students can begin to access meaning even though they must also be taught vocabulary and comprehension strategies.”

A fluent reader has the ability to see phrases and says the phrases with ease, and recognizes how the punctuation makes the story more expressive. You can more information about reading fluency on Reading Rockets. Reading is complex and as a parent or educator, it takes time to see your efforts grow. I wanted to share with you a few strategies that could support your child to read more fluently. As always try strategies more than once, and turn if your reader does not show engagement, then I encourage you to make learning fun. 

Grade Level Words Create or Purchase a set of flash cards. Each week practice having your child read those cards out loud. Make it fun. For example, turn them into a game of concentration, tape them to the wall and give a reward for completing the given task. 

Use Technology to Reinforce Word Learning Mobile Applications and web applications can be used to reinforce and support the learning of words. Fluent and non-fluent readers need exposure to new words on a daily basis. So giving them a way to learn the word parts, word meaning, word sound, and spelling could be truly beneficial so that their fluency is stronger. 

Encourage Reading Aloud As we all know, a good book is hard to find. But by reinforcing reading time for at least 20 minutes per day can build the stamina to read more. Specifically, as a parent or guardian, you can be a model. For example, when you are reading your book, your child should be reading alongside with you. Or have your child read out loud while you are making dinner, driving him or her in the car, and of course before going to bed. Give positive words to recognize how you feel about their progress. 

Voice Recording Another fun way is to use your phone or an electronic device and to record the reader. This will give your reader the chance to hear themselves and to even repeat the reading if desired. You can have your child read an entire page, chapter, section, or paragraph of a book. If your child makes mistakes, just point them out. 

Radio or Television Listening When Listening to the Radio, Online Streaming, or watching the television listen for key vocabulary words that you hear. When you hear words, then speak out vocabulary. When there is a commercial or advertisement, take a break from the show and think of new sentences or share ideas.







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